Welcome newcomers with your own custom app!

We design custom apps for newcomers, curated to help them navigate, and settle into their new home.

Create a more welcoming community for Immigrants

The Welcome Platform allows you to choose which features and tools you need, and deploy to the app store within weeks. Immigrating to a new place is hard enough, our platform makes the transition easier and gives newcomers resources and tools to help them feel at home.

8.3 Million

In 2021, more than 8.3 million Canadian residents were Immigrants, and that number continues to grow.


Information and orientation are the most commonly accessed type of settlement services among recent immigrants (40.4%).


From 2016 to 2021, Immigration contributed 79.9% of the growth in Canada’s labour force.


Customizable features to fit every need.

Our platform offers a wide range of features, curated to make information and resources accessible and uncomplicated.


Give newcomers access to crucial information and resources.

Obtaining Identification
Housing Information
Employment Services
Family Services
Mental Health Resources


Give newcomers access to crucial information and resources.

Apply for Social Insurance Number
Open a Bank Account
Exchange Money to a Local Currency
Enroll Your Children in School
Apply for Health Card / Insurance
Contact your Local Settlement Agency
Immunizations and Vaccinations


Give newcomers access to crucial information and resources.

Local News
Events and Seminars
Sight Seeing
Connecting in the Community


A place for newcomers to access their personal information, change their preferred app language and more.

Personal Information
Language Preferences